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Track delivers IT solutions for operating optimised and integrated passenger transport for fixed route and flex-route services. With our user-friendly Transport Management system, you effectively reduce operational complexity in day-to-day use. From planning to daily assignments, through driver and vehicle management right up to service monitoring and passenger information, we successfully automate and simplify frequently executed operational tasks.

Administrators will get a constant overview of their team and the operations as a whole. The system will aid to bring transparency to the daily dispatch tasks, along with a clear overview and lower running costs thanks to a better use of resources.

Features & Advantages

  • Suitable for Any Size of Business
  • Comprehensive & Modular Built
  • Geofencing of Pick Up Locations
  • Drivers and Fleet Allocation

Benefits of the Transport Management System

Benefits to Passengers
  • Provides Bus Stop Locations
  • Notification of Arrival & Pick Up Time
  • MS Notifications Upon Arrival
  • SMS Notifications Reminders
Benefits to Drivers
  • Designated Colour Code of Locations
  • SMS & Push Notifications of Daily Jobs
  • Route Optimization
  • Live Traffic Data on Application
Benefits to Administrators
  • Overview of Assigned Jobs
  • Ease of Creating Jobs with Preset fields
  • Generating of Reports Upon Job Completion
  • View Past Jobs History & Details

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