3 Tips for Essential Businesses Operating Fleets During Covid-19
3 Tips for Essential Businesses Operating Fleets During Covid-19

In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, businesses in the essential services category are keeping doors open to provide support to Singapore’s supply chain and economy.

Primarily falling under this category are the healthcare, food, water, and energy sectors. But other essential services and infrastructures are also needed such as waste management, IT, security operations, media & telecommunications, transportation, banking & finance, and some companies or manufacturers for essential products and services.

For essential businesses operating with fleets, this unprecedented crisis pushes them to brace for continued impact as they suffer various strains on keeping up with their operations.

As we navigate these trying times, here are a few ways to help essential businesses in keeping their fleet management system as streamlined as possible.

1. Proactive Collaboration on Deliverables

This pandemic created complications that were never before seen and essential businesses now face unique circumstances with extraordinary demands. Reduced staff size, constant change in the schedule of operations are just a few of the issues that came about as these businesses try to meet with the influx of demand for services and products.

Utilizing a GPS vehicle tracking system is an invaluable resource for your fleet not only to ease the burden but to help accommodate the surge of demand. With real-time information at hand, you can ensure all communication lines are open from pick-up, while en-route to drop-off point which is crucial at this point.

2. Digitize Your Job Dispatch

Meet the demand despite having reduced manpower. Dispatchers can coordinate and schedule dispatch off-site with automated scheduling. This means your business can operate seamlessly as you enable your remote team to use these systems.

In addition, with a good car tracker or GPS Vehicle tracking system in place, you can set geofences whenever one of your fleet vehicles enters marked/ tagged areas or boundaries. This can prove to be a significant aid to reduce the risk of exposure of your drivers as the pandemic continues to spread.

A digitized fleet management software also reduces paper documents which means fewer gaps and hurdles in your operations.

Although your operation hours could run on an atypical schedule, your workforce can adapt with ease with proper tools and resources instead of going off on tangents.

3. Enable Real-Time Support

If you haven’t enabled real-time support to your fleet systems before this crisis, now is the best time to utilize it. Businesses upended by COVID-19 need to start acting quickly and look for opportunities to reducing its impact. And more than just taking things in stride, your business has to rise to the occasion.

Real-time support enables your fleet to be proactive and dynamic on real-time constraints. Your drivers need to be updated constantly, empowering them to make precise and swift actions while on the road. Having your streamlined process visible and synchronized to every core person gives your fleet the needed advantage to provide as uninterrupted services as possible.

As we see that the current situation may be prolonged, all essential businesses need to be resilient and continue to innovate as they accommodate the unfamiliar arrows this pandemic is throwing their way. Track-Asia is here to support all essential businesses as they forge a path through this novel crisis.

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