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3 Ways That A Fleet Management System Can Improve Drivers’ Efficiency

Running a fleet management business requires consistency, efficiency, discipline, and keenness to every little detail. A manager can be effective in handling and staying on top of all things related to running the fleet with the help of a fleet management software system. Without one, they’ll find themselves buried with a mountain of time-consuming tasks that can be digitized anyway, leaving some areas unattended and facing numerous challenges. All of which can be bad for the business.

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The unnecessary time spent on managing admin tasks, the high cost of fuel, as well as the rising cost of fleet vehicle maintenance, can have a strong negative impact on running the business. But when you include mismanagement of drivers that could affect their efficiency and productivity, then it becomes even more problematic. Drivers are key to running a successful business, especially in the delivery fleet industry. Efficiently managing the drivers’ performance can help in winning over customers and remaining profitable in such a highly competitive environment.

How can a Fleet Management Software System Help?

When it comes to managing a fleet, even something as little as GPS tracking can have an impact on your reputation as a business. The popularity of GPS or car tracking device in Singapore and anywhere else also applies in managing fleets. What happens when a customer inquires about the actual location of your vehicle? How will you answer their enquiries if there’s a delay in delivery? A fleet management system will help you in this area. But that’s not the only thing this system can help you with. Want to improve driver efficiency? Invest in this software system.

Below are the 3 different ways that a fleet management system can help in improving the efficiency and productivity of your drivers.

1. Helps in planning and optimizing delivery routes.

Business may be good and customers have lined up to avail of your fleet’s services. However, one wrong move and can result in a bad customer experience. To avoid delivery delays or confusion, it’s necessary to plan. Set the priority of orders by identifying which customers should your drivers deliver first and those along the route. The system not only helps keep the delivery organized, but also checks the availability of the drivers. Those who are familiar with certain locations can also be easily tapped to make the deliveries. Planning the delivery route reduces any chance of error because the right drivers and vehicles are sent out to the right locations at the right time.

2. Helps in monitoring drivers in real-time and keeps them mindful of their driving habits.

One problem that the system will solve is keeping tabs on the drivers in real-time. Through it, you can collect and monitor vital data such as the routes traveled, idling time, and even speeding reports. These data can help you better understand how the vehicles are being utilized, are their driving practices are following the law, and so on. In doing so, you’ll be able to provide timely feedback on their performance and how they can improve their efficiency.

3. Helps in improving communication that leads to improved productivity.

Communication with customers is as important as communication with drivers. In case there are changes to the routes or plans, decisions can be made immediately and both parties – customers and fleet management - are informed. Drivers can also use the channel to communicate with their fleet managers or system admins in case they need help.

Still having second thoughts that it’s time to invest in a fleet management system for your business? Check out our Track Fleet Management System and find out all of its benefits. Keep order records of your customer-related information, and keep track of all the statuses of orders and fulfilment all in one platform. Fleet managers can now get an overview of all assigned and ongoing jobs, making sure they don’t miss any tasks or opportunities. The software can easily alert available drivers on newly assigned tasks with the necessary details through the system.

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