Future-Ready Fleet Management Systems
5 Essential Tips to Future-Ready Fleet Management Systems

Your fleet company has come a long way. And now more than ever, the business of transporting goods steers in-full-gear. With all the significant changes in the transport industry, what was not available a couple of years ago (such as GPS tracker for cars) is now a screaming necessity for today’s reliable, punctual and efficient commercial vehicle operations.

As a fleet owner, you rejoice knowing that you are ahead of the competition and can now take on new challenges in the industry. But if you are being hit by persistent downtimes, delays, and vehicle routing problems, your bottom line may suffer the blow.

What essential fleet management solutions would then ensure an effectual road freight transport?

It’s accurate, well-consolidated relevant data from real-time fleet management systems.

What is a fleet management system and why it is important?

Fleet management is the integration of your fleet data into your business systems providing a centralized database offering tactical and operational management of your fleet in real-time.

With all the information at your fingertips, you can optimise the operation of your fleet and avoid schedule and dispatch problems that usually come from a lack of reliable and timely data.

Whether you are using an in-house or outsourced fleet management solution, get future-ready with these 5 essential tips:

1. Improve Fleet Management Productivity and Efficiency

Viewing key data from a single-source point allows you to do more in less time. Streamlined reports such as driver to vehicle assignments, trip histories, customer contacts, and inter-company reports make the process efficient and the operation productive.

Cloud-based fleet management systems use GPS live tracking and centralized administrative view giving you reliable and real-time location of your vehicles. You being in the core of the operation, can mobilize smooth and efficient transition of vehicles, finish more jobs and steer clear of missed opportunities.

2. Optimise Fleet Vehicle Utilisation

Effective route optimization for drivers reduces travel times and makes for efficient driver management. Strategic route planning is possible with the availability of real-time traffic reports and weather conditions. Route calculations for the fastest route and travel time furthermore contribute to the efficiency of operations.

3. Reduce Operation Costs

Decisions made at the operational level greatly impact your operational costs. Effective use of transportation resources and efficient route planning can cut your losses. Tracking and tracing driver work hours, idle vehicles with engines on, and travel times help regulate costs and transportation processes.

Gaining insights on how your vehicles are being utilized through trip history reports, idling reports or speeding reports increases the cost-effectiveness of handling fleet requirements.

4. Improve Customer Satisfaction

All businesses thrive on customer satisfaction and consequently, customer retention. A real-time vehicle tracking system ensures correct handling of customer requirements, on-time delivery to customer locations, reduced time from order to final delivery, and reliability of the transportation service.

Customers walk away with a positive experience as a result of the transparency of the process and constant communication in place.

5. Driver Management

Lastly, drivers are the muscles of your business. They get the work done. And work is done - only if it’s done right.

Therefore, your drivers should also be on top of everything with their communication lines always open. A highly effective fleet management system provides real-time instructions to drivers while en route. Incident reports, traffic conditions, modification on schedule, customer location, or changes on routes can liaise instantly to the driver without any problems.

Real-time fleet management and efficient planning of commercial vehicle operations will more and more become a necessity to survive in the highly competitive road transport market.

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