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5 Ways to Properly Manage Your Company Vehicle Fleet

As your business is growing, we’re pretty sure your company vehicles have also grown from maybe just two, to maybe - 10 or more? Now that you have a fleet, you will need fleet management software with the best vehicle tracking system to assist you in managing and keeping track of your team & your vehicles.

Here are 5 ways to properly manage your company’s vehicle fleet:

Get a Dedicated Fleet Manager - Along with having fleet management software, you also need a dedicated fleet manager. The fleet manager’s responsibility is to oversee all fleet vehicles and ensure that all fleet-related issues are properly managed and addressed. Having just anyone in the department to deal with the management software will be chaotic and will cause issues later on. Make sure to have him or her record only the needed information and the important ones. Having too much saved information can have the fleet manager overwhelmed and creates unneeded tasks to do and administration. Not to mention wasted time and resources. Another thing a fleet manager should keep an eye on is the costs. Remind your manager to always think of ways to save - to cut costs possibly in fuel, vehicle maintenance, and other business costs including the staff. Cutting down on cost doesn’t mean cutting down on the safety of your drivers, employees, and customers - it means putting their interests first.

Invest in Fleet Management Software - Investing in Fleet Management Software can help save costs in the long run. These are just a few of the benefits and what you can benefit from when having the software:

  • • Save Fuel - you can track your drivers if they are using longer routes or taking unnecessary routes - the fleet manager can contact the driver and reroute him or have him take a better route to avoid traffic and reduce fuel cost.
  • • Maintenance - an underinflated tire can cause your vehicle to double time and be able to function thus increasing your fuel consumption up to 10% of the normal. The software lets you know if the tires are not properly inflated which helps you to avoid the unnecessary cost on time and money.
  • • Safety - faulty vehicle part, which if undetected, can cost you your driver’s hospital cost and your vehicle’s. If you have fleet management software - your vehicle’s issues will be put to light thus being able to avoid accidents.
  • Proper Driver Training - As soon as your fleet manager and your Fleet Management Software is in place, you need to ensure that proper driver training is provided to each of your drivers and other staff should be oriented as well in case someone would be sick and an emergency person needs to take over. Doing this can help them with their day-to-day job dispatch as well as the management. All staff from the management to the delivery team should be aware of how the GPS vehicle tracking system, geofencing, route optimization works.

    Establish a Clear Team Communication - Communication is also important for the whole team. Clear communication channels should be established both for the fleet manager and the drivers. This helps to develop a good working relationship and can improve productivity for everyone.

    Conduct a Business Analysis - The Fleet Management Software gives reports and when it does, make sure to review all the data related to fleet management including productivity progress report, fuel spent on each vehicle, which company vehicle needs a replacement and maintenance, driver behaviors, and job dispatch completion.

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