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6 Most Common Challenges When Managing a Fleet

Large companies that use fleet management systems in Singapore and cover larger areas of service own tens or hundreds of vehicles and managing these comes with its very own challenges. Can you imagine if there isn’t a GPS system for cars installed? Oh, the chaos. Good to know that upon using this system each vehicle in the fleet will have one installed for better tracking and management in this system.

Here are the 6 most common challenges when managing a fleet and how fleet management software is solving it:

1. How to know where your drivers are when customers enquire?

Each of the vehicles in the fleet is installed with GPS tracking. On the management side, you will be able to gain insights into a specific vehicle’s real-time location, the current traffic situation in that area, and what might be causing the delay. You can also provide a real-time tracking link for the customer to view.

2. How to reduce fuel consumption and cost?

If one of your challenges is monitoring the consumption and controlling the expenses on fuel for the vehicles you’re managing, then this fleet management system is your solution. Having fleet management software gives you a lot of ways to fuel save and more. You will be able to get insights on the routes of the vehicles, excess trips being taken in will be reported per vehicle to show if the drivers are being efficient. From there you can control the outcome of each vehicle’s fuel cost.

3. How to monitor fleets' activity?

You can monitor and or limit your driver’s activity and routes through Geofencing. You can create limits for areas where your drivers are allowed to enter. If your company has specified that that specific area is only allowed and the driver consciously or unconsciously passes through that route or area - your system will log it automatically including the date and time. Your company fleet manager will then be able to see it in the reports.

4. How to plan multiple routes for delivery?

This fleet management software offers the best route optimization there is. Route optimization is providing the most efficient, fast, and the best route to be taken to get the package delivered. It is there to make sure the best possible route is being taken, taking into consideration the recent traffic situation and the fastest available route to get to the destination.

5. How to identify where the drivers are and which vehicles they are using?

Having a large number of people on your fleet will have you questioning who’s driving what and when. Driver Management is also a feature of this software. As soon as the driver is logged in to the system, his personal information and current vehicle information are also synced into the system. So, it’s easy to pinpoint a specific vehicle or a driver.

6. How to better manage your fleet and reduce duplicate efforts?

Efficiency and productivity are a company’s aims always. This fleet management software allows you to have everything run in one program or system simplified and made easier. You’ll only need a single platform to track your vehicles, your routes, your drivers, and customer contacts. All these come with reports to assess where you need to improve on for more productivity and efficiency.

With all that, large companies with delivery service or job dispatch will benefit and would run better with fleet management systems running along with them. It will provide support for both customers and the team and will increase productivity and efficiency and gain good feedback from the clients served.

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