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TRACK is a cloud-based fleet management system for small & midsize businesses of various industries, that is suitable for all classes of vehicles.

Its innovative fleet management telematics can generate intelligent data based on real-time tracking and location monitoring of vehicles. It helps in terms of reducing operation cost, reducing downtime, recording daily routes, and controlling vehicles to maximize utilization.

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Our Mission

To create an affordable and flexible business management system that could not only provide small businesses with the tools they needed during inception but one that they would be able to use for years to come.


Why Us?

We strive to provide small and mid-sized businesses with the management tools they need to increase efficiency and profitability. Our goal is to help business owners create a solid foundation for a successful future.

We are committed to anticipating the needs of our users and evolving business environments. Thus, our journey in program development and standardization continues. We want current and prospective users to be able to count on a program that can not only satisfy the needs of their business but ultimately provide them with peace of mind.