Automated vs Conventional Fleet Management: Which is Better?
Automated vs Conventional Fleet Management: Which is Better?

Big fleet companies may consider the conventional vehicle dispatch a thing of the past, but for some small to medium fleet companies, it may still be the only method they bank on.

Does your company still rely on the traditional ways of dispatching vehicle fleet? If yes, check out this post if automated fleet management is worth considering:

Conventional Fleet Management Automated Fleet Management
- Solely rely on voice communication from driver and dispatcher - Uses real-time and centralized communication tools to provide feedback and updates
- Times required for driver rest periods or breaks are not usually monitored - Driver tracking is possible which enables the dispatcher to see driver rest periods, breaks, current route, and real-time traffic situation
- Route changes of drivers are not monitored by a dispatcher - Route changes and road incidents are easily detected as it occurs and can be monitored by dispatchers
- Processing new job dispatch requests can be a challenge as communication and feedback may have a substantial delay - Can accept and process new job requests, update new route schedule to include new requests without disrupting the operation
- Drivers rely on support and information from one dispatcher at a time and message dissemination to all drivers may be a challenge - Real-time support tools and centralised communication are available to assist dispatchers in disseminating new information to all drivers en-route and backed up on a cloud-based job dispatch system

Conventional fleet processes may be able to pull through challenges but automated vehicle dispatching breaks new ground in terms of addressing complex vehicle routing problems that may have not been considered on traditional fleet management.

It wouldn’t hurt for small to medium fleet companies to take a closer look at current vehicle dispatch processes that automated fleet management systems can improve.

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