Transport Management System
Benefits of GPS Tracking to Transportation & Logistics Industry

Logistics is simply defined as managing to get an item from point A to point B successfully. The transportation and logistics industry on the other hand is a bit more complex as it is managing the actual flow of this process. The vehicles are not the only thing involved here but also the packaging, the handling, the storage, and the delivery of goods. It is managing everything involved in the whole process and to oversee that it is working together from the starting point to the end consumers. To be able to do this successfully, everything should be synced and tracked.

GPS or Global Positioning System is the one making this happen. It is a navigation system available worldwide that can be seen and tracked via satellites. It can pinpoint the exact locations of whatever is being tracked, synchronously. Given that, the Transportation and Logistics Industry needs this to be able to successfully manage the flow of events within the organization. Along with that it also needs a system, specifically a Fleet Management System, to have it in one place.

A Fleet Management System is run with a GPS car tracking system to minimize, if not remove, the risks involved with running an investment run by vehicles. It helps with efficiency, productivity, and reduces the overall costs involved in both staff and the vehicles.

An efficient and effective Fleet Management is composed of a lot of things but we’ll focus on these:

  • • Vehicle Management / Transport Management System
  • • Route Optimization & Time Management
  • • Reduce Operational Cost

Vehicle Management / Transport Management System

Managing many vehicles each day - an organization needs a Fleet Management System to help out with this. All the vehicles under this system are running with GPS car tracking which means it is very easy to pinpoint the exact and current location of the vehicle and the driver. Given that, the fleet manager would know if a certain vehicle is being on time or is delayed. If there’s a complaint of a missing or delayed driver, this feature gives the answer needed and would ease the customer if given the right information and cause of delay.

Route Optimization & Time Management

Before each day starts in a transportation and logistics company, the fleet manager/s take care of the schedules and the routes of the vehicles. He or she does the scheduling and the management of the deliverables, which routes to take, and the time the package or service is expected to be delivered. If there comes a time the GPS tracker detects a certain vehicle or driver is getting stuck because of a closed or repaired road, or even just simply traffic - the system is informed and the fleet manager can do a reroute to be able to still achieve the target estimated time of delivery.

Reduce Operational Cost

Having this system would improve your operational cost. You will be able to see much better routes thus saving on fuel, you will be able to calculate how much fuel is consumed given a specific distance. You will also be informed when a specific vehicle needs maintenance or is having issues.

So, is it beneficial to have a GPS car tracking system for Transportation & Logistics Industry? The answer is YES.

So many benefits are still not mentioned but these should do. Running a Transportation and Logistics Industry with GPS car tracking, and fleet management software to go along with it, will ease the burdens - you will just sit back and relax, watch your fleet do their thing, and be able to manage them while sitting on your desk, even just going through it with your phone.

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