Delivery Management System
Delivery Management System Benefits in Modern Day Businesses

We now live in a time and age where instant gratification is normal and rising. People all over the world now like shopping from the comfort of their homes through their computers or their phones and just have their orders delivered right to the doorstep. And because of that, businesses are also adopting from the food industry to grocery shopping, virtual shopping, to other services.

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Delivery is not just the transfer of goods from point A to point B, it is also fulfilling a promise to a customer. By being able to fulfill this, you will gain loyal customers and give you good reviews. From their reviews come recommendations and gain more because of the good service they have experienced.

With this rising demand of customers preferring this type of service, more and more businesses are adapting to it thus getting tougher and tougher to manage. That is why delivery systems are made to reality. A platform that assists in logistics operations like dispatching, tracking your vehicles, planning vehicle routes, task allocation, etc.

Benefits of a Delivery System for the Modern-day Businesses:

• Delivery and Workforce Tracking

Having a delivery system enables you to monitor your vehicles and drivers in real-time! This is made possible with a live GPS tracker for cars and a powerful Geo-analytics tool for better productivity. With a delivery management system, administrators can get alerts for idling, speeding, engine faults, battery level, and geofences to keep the company fleet safe and running.

• Transport / Fleet Management

With the ongoing rising demand for the delivery service, there will be more people and vehicles to manage. Using a delivery management system and software not only helps the business with management of the fleet but also assists with vehicle management - the maintenance of the vehicles and units involved, be more productive, save on costs, and be able to check on all these aspects in real-time because the system will be providing these reports and it will also be visible in real-time. Using this allows you to balance maintenance, downsize or reduce your fleet, it improves routing and tracking, increases your employee's speed and overall efficiency.

• Job / Order Management

The delivery management system can keep order records of customer-related information, tracks job order statuses, fulfillment. This feature allows the Administrator to get an overview of all assigned and ongoing jobs to make sure you don't miss out on tasks or opportunities in your Delivery Management System.

• Scheduling and Allocation

Prioritization is a feature available in this system. Relying on the capacity and of available resources: vehicles, drivers, location proximity. This feature will surely help increase fulfilled deliveries and a positive customer experience.

• Real-time Route Optimization

With this feature, you’ll be able to complete more jobs in fewer hours and miles with real-time visibility into vehicle location, live traffic data, and route analytics. It drastically reduces the chances of late deliveries thus increasing sales and productivity.

With a Delivery Management System, you can keep your customers in the loop with instant notifications for the entire delivery lifecycle. Customer service would be a breeze too as the whole lifecycle will be stored and routes taken and whatever may have gone wrong will be in the system for you to review and improve later on.

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