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The world of business is dynamic. Every day, how we do business advances and we develop new business strategies and technologies to be able to meet up with such advancements. One of such strategies/technologies that has been developed to help businesses keep at pace with the dynamism and advancements of the business world is the Delivery Management System (DMS).

Businesses these days have grown an on-demand delivery culture and business owners must look for a strategy to meet this new advancement, this is exactly where the Delivery Management System comes in.

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Delivery Management System - Fleet Monitoring

Delivery System Catered to your Business Needs

  • Auto Assign Pick-ups & Deliveries
  • Monitor your Workforce in Real-time
  • Plan Optimized Routes for Delivery
  • Integrate Powerful Analytics
  • Full Access to Visual Reports & Trends

Features of Delivery Management System

Key features of the Delivery Management System

TRACK™ DMS Mobile App


Track your delivery team in real-time with a powerful Geo-analytics tool for better productivity.

Call Centre

Targeted and personalised delivery options for pick-up & drop-off jobs based on product details, destination, and customers’ preferences.

Job Overview

Centralized job overview of all ongoing and scheduled bookings in calendar format. Central access to all background jobs scheduled in your Delivery Management System.

Benefits of the Delivery Management System

Benefits of Delivery Management System - Fleet Management Software

Delivery Management System has proven to be one of the best business strategies to help business owners keep at pace with the on-demand delivery culture of modern-day businesses. Thus, it is only wise that all business owners adopt this technology to further the growth of their businesses.

  1. Delivery Management Systems help you to always deliver to your customers on time.
  2. It helps you to keep customers satisfied as it drastically reduces the chances of late deliveries.
  3. It also helps you to retain your customers and boost their loyalty to your business.

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