Cloud-Based Management of Fleets

Businesses and companies that depend on transportation require fleet management. Simply put, fleet management is the enhancement of efficiency, minimization of costs and risks that come with investing in vehicles, improving its productivity and therefore slimming all around costs of transportation and its staff. Fleet management includes various functions and tasks to facilitate the smooth and efficient transition of vehicles and its operations. It involves using software and technology to reduce costs, improve the safety of the driver, reduce impending risks and ultimately increase company’s productivity. A fleet management system can be a company that puts all these to practice.

Saves Time, Cost & Energy

TRACK™ Fleet Management Saves Time, Cost & Energy
  • Reduce Cost

    Fuel constitutes up to 40 percent of fleet ownership. Using a GPS vehicle tracker as part of the management plan can help reduce this cost by nearly 25 percent.

  • Effective Time

    GPS also provides vehicle performance monitoring to help minimize idle time.

  • Energy Saving

    GPS solutions reduce fuel consumption by showing the driver the shortest route to use and also impending weather reports. This also enables prompt delivery of cargo.

Features of Fleet Management System

  • Increases Productivity

    Fleet management consequently increases the productivity of the company. Using these technologies and software helps the driver to balance maintenance, downsize or reduce your fleet, it improves routing and tracking, increases your employee's speed and overall efficiency.

  • Increases Customer Satisfaction

    When the cargo reaches the customer in time or before time, the customer is happy and satisfied. Using the GPS software you will be able to know for sure the expected time of arrival (ETA) and avoid giving false and inaccurate information to the customer.

Features of Fleet Management System

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