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With the ever-increasing demand of competition, it is essential that your fleet are optimise to:

Delivery Management
Productivity and

Streamline your processes with a centralized platform to reduce duplicate efforts and easily manage your drivers, vehicles, jobs, customers’ contacts, and reports

Delivery Management

Gain insights on vehicle idling time, routes travelled, speeding reports to understand how your vehicles are being utilized and reduce unnecessary operation cost.

Delivery Management

Use real-time vehicle tracking to track the exact location of your vehicles and know when it will arrive at your customer locations.

Delivery Management

Effective route planning for drivers using route optimization to reduces travel times based on real-time traffic condition.

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TRACK™ Fleet Management System

Increase the productivity & efficiency of your fleet.

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It is important for business to keep their customers happy, know where their drivers are and where they have been.
TRACK™ solution helps to take care of your last mile delivery with GPS tracking to meet your business needs.

Job Dispatch
Job Dispatch
  • Easy assignment of jobs to drivers
  • Create online work order form and send to drivers
  • Mobile application for drivers’ easy access
Delivery Management
Courier & Delivery
  • Track live location of your vehicles
  • E-form and digital e-signature acknowledgement
  • Delivery status update
Transportation Management
Maintenance Service
  • Auto-schedule of recurring service contract
  • Alert on appointment
  • Quick overview on your current jobs

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TRACK™ fleet management solutions catered to meet various industry needs.

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