Job Dispatch System
Maximizing Delivery Performance with Job Dispatch System

The need to meet your customers’ expectations and delivery requirements has to be the top and number one priority if your company has a delivery service.

In this new world of instant gratification, effective and efficient service is something every customer would want in any company or service. With a Job Dispatch Software in place, these expectations, requirements, and the need to provide quality service are all made possible. You can surely maximize your delivery performance.

Having a Job Dispatch Software has a couple of benefits, itemized below:

  • • Business Process Improvement (Increase Productivity & Efficiency)
  • • Effective & Efficient Methods of Job Scheduling
  • • Prioritizing Jobs in Real-time
  • • Automate Job Schedule & Route Planning

Having this system uncomplicates your delivery processes and allows you to achieve your maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. You can save time with this system since the processes are all automated and scheduling multiple routes and assigning orders to drivers with real-time updates of the delivery is already made possible.

Optimization of routes, by job scheduling and route planning, is beneficial not just for the dispatchers and customers, but also for the company. It eases everybody involved. The job dispatchers can manage the team efficiently and meet the quality of service that their company has promised to provide. Through the optimization of routes, the company can best utilize their drivers, make the best possible route, and fulfill assured delivery times with just a few drag-and-drops, rearrange, re-prioritize, and dispatch.

Job scheduling is a feature and is perfect if you have a huge company or even if you are a small business that has bulk orders for delivery. And since the unexpected will always happen, emergency driver replacements are also in place, for the times when the driver is out sick or has met an unforeseen issue - it’s possible to fix by this system and re-prioritizing of the pushed back deliveries can also be fixed - in real-time.

When orders are picking up and deliveries are piling up, automated job scheduling and route planning will help you. You will be able to handle and manage everything - especially when the buyers or customers have the idea that your service is always available. With this system’s automation of job scheduling and route planning, you will know which vehicle types are available or not, if the drivers are loaded with deliveries or still free, and of course, if loading them with routes can still achieve the promise of quality service by meeting the delivery window time. Mobile Push notifications are helpful features installed for all parties involved, the dispatch, the drivers, and the customers and an ad hoc job dispatching for last-minute requests and appointments can be set up in place.

You can surely leverage your team of drivers and fleets and all other company resources efficiently with a job dispatch system. Your drivers and the fleet will have a GPS car tracking device for this to be made possible. You can design your team the best driving routes and organize stops to make sure that the deliveries reach customers on time. You will be able to experience, see, and monitor a smooth workflow from order, to driver pickup, while on the road, until the receipt of the item with live car tracking and monitoring.

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