Leading Pest Control Management

Today, we can count on technology to help us manage our work systems, no matter the industry. Without a proper system in place, confusion and misunderstandings may take place. Eventually, this can even result in monetary losses.

Power up the way you delegate pest control assignments to the respective technicians with a single application

Pest Control Management System for Singapore SMEs, Fleet Management Software

Suitable for Big or Small Businesses

Pest Control Management System Dashboard - Fleet Management Software

Intuitive Dashboard Design for Admin Overview

  • View various locations at a glance
  • Capture vehicle motions
  • Live traffic data of planned routes
  • Set Alerts for faults and geofences
Pest Control Management System - Fleet Report Customization Software

Customized Fields for Job Assignments

  • Assign impromptu jobs to technicians
  • Schedule maintenance tasks for different interval timings
  • Manual or excel import/export functions
  • Add pest & treatment details to job

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