​Inquiry Management System

​Inquiry management often appears as a topic of discussion in the business sector, primarily because of its contribution to the business operation model, also for its ability to complicate the functions and processes of the sales department if not properly understood and implemented. The inquiry process covers how individuals get information about the processes, products, or services that an organization offers, it involves such contact processes categorized as inbound contacts such as email inquiries about the organization, phone calls, online platform contacts like social media chats and direct messages, there are also web-based searches that link to the organization’s web platforms, referrals and personal recommendations (often from current clients). Other forms of inquiries include procedures that the organization engages in to publicize information about itself to potential customers like market campaigns or advertising activities.

An inquiry is an opportunity for the organization to gain a new client or to make a profit and a justifiable explanation for why it necessitates huge investment requirements, as well as a need to strategically engage it. The inquiry management system typical works around steps and actions taken towards gaining inbound inquiries. The process entails three distinct procedures of capturing information, follow-up, and response to inquiry and classification of leads generated. The inquiry management system would be futile if generated leads are not acted upon effectively and therefore, the system is as effective as its ability to implement and take actions. 

Every organization should create an inquiry management system that fits into it modules of generating attention towards its product/service, in the long run, this helps to ensure that potential customers (generated leads) are managed efficiently by the right affected departments (very often the sales department). Each section of the system (information capture, response and follow-up, and lead classification) are integral to the success of the entire system.

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