​Job Dispatch System

​A job dispatch system is a very important component for organizations that manage and control field service personnel and fleets. This dispatch system makes use of software that has and in-built scheduling criteria which helps to automate the whole scheduling processes. It also allows the users to create, delete or modify the parameters to best suit the organization’s motives.

The importance of a job dispatch system to an organization can’t be overrated and below are some of the vital roles

​Effective and efficient methods of scheduling

​​Job dispatch system offers a more effective and efficient methods of scheduling field service personnel by improving the delivery services of the organisation through providing and allowing the user to run a final optimization program. The optimization program will show the user if there was any changes to the delivery schedule resulting in eliminating unnecessary spending by the company as well as boost the productivity.

Real-time optimization

​The job dispatch system helps the user to optimize service schedule by providing real-time information from the field and customers. This information helps the managers responsible for dispatch to note the changes and respond appropriately thereby reducing and eliminating any form of delay which leads to more improved services.

​Automate the decision making process

​A job dispatch system helps to automate the decision making process following the set down policies, rules as well as the optimization targets of the organisation. It also has the ability to flag any conflict – that is when there is a conflict with any of the organisation rules and regulations, it delay any decision and flag the action to draw the attention of the user who will then correct the issue.

The job dispatch system makes an organization’s workforce more productive and efficient by making the dispatch management process more effective through providing dispatch manager more time to actually deal with other important issues instead of just trying to track and maintain the field service.

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