​​Pest Control Management System

​​Today, we can count on technology to help us manage our work systems, no matter the industry. Without a proper system in place, confusion and misunderstandings may take place. Eventually, this can even result in monetary losses.

Power up the way you delegate pest control assignments to the respective technicians with a single application, TRACK Pro.

This pest control management software program works for big or small businesses. It effectively manages all job assignments, assigns them to technicians, and these technicians sign off once the job is completed.

TRACK Pro is designed for easy viewing in mobile applications, so you get the freedom of choice. Thanks to its smooth and intuitive interface, anyone can grasp the basics of using it fast. There are some steps to using this innovative and useful pest control scheduling software, as described below.

First, logging in to the pest management software takes you to the Dashboard overview. From this dashboard, you can see your device’s and technicians’ various locations at one glance. The vehicles’ motion will be captured – whether they are moving, idling, moving downwards or stopping.

​Checking out the Call Center function allows you to allot impromptu jobs to the available technicians. All you must do is enter the customer and job details before assigning it to the nearest technician.

​Under the Maintenance section, you can generate maintenance tasks for different interval timings. These timings include daily, weekly, fortnightly and more. For multiple jobs, you can select between the manual input or excel exporting function, whichever floats your boat.

​In the Pest and Treatment category, you can instruct the technicians to use a designated treatment type for a certain pest. There are multiple selections in case more pests are required to be exterminated.

For these areas, you can view, edit, or delete them in case you make a mistake or wish to change something.

This pest control software can also manage your inventory. It records both the inflow and outflow of stocks and supplies it with a unique QR code image. You can choose to export the details to Excel, Word or PDF as needed.

​You can add, edit the existing or delete phone users as you wish in the Phone Users selection. Key in the details of the technicians to make it easy for identification of the various technicians. You can even assign ID photos to each of them for fast recognition; by putting a face to them, you don’t just identify them by their names and details.

​An overview of the past jobs assigned can be seen from the Jobs Overview. Choose between two view types – by Area and Technician.

Reports can be created in the History page. You can see a summary of different reports to gain invaluable insight, like the number of jobs created by call centers, job status and more.

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