Delivery Management System
Streamline Your Local Delivery Business Operations with Delivery Management System

Consumer goods deliveries can be a nightmare if there is no organized system running to keep track of everyone and everything around it, especially the growing queues, the fleet, and the actual deliveries itself it might lead to unhappy customers and other chaos. Having a Delivery Management System running in the background would make running consumer goods deliveries easy breezy. These new technologies today are making everybody’s lives easier for both the companies and the customers alike.

The necessity of meeting your customer’s delivery requirements and their expectations has to be the number one priority as it will reflect you.

Having a Delivery Management System will improve the productivity of the whole team - starting from the store, your drivers, the management team, even customer satisfaction, and communication is improved on all aspects.

This system tracks consumer goods deliveries in real-time status using the car tracking device installed in each of the units of the fleet. You will know if there’s traffic causing delay and you can re-route to the next best route. Also, if in the middle of the running route - the driver unit bugs down, you can transfer the package to the next available driver while the other one is under maintenance.

Delivery Management Systems greatly enhances company productivity - as your job queues would pile up each day and there would be so much to arrange and rearrange. Having this system lets you sit back and watch what the system thinks the priorities are and you can re-prioritize each job given at hand.

Dispatching jobs and scheduling jobs would also be easy like drag and drop to the nearest available team member of the fleet. You can also opt to rearrange or remove job priorities. If an agent/driver is not available - the nearest available ones can also be seen in the system and you can transfer the job to them.

Transforming queues with job dispatch software is quite easy to understand. It's as easy as moving all the jobs that have been marked ready for delivery and moving it up in the system on the job queue/list for shipping out. Prioritizing by their schedule or rescheduling by the availability of the nearest driver to be able to achieve the expected customer delivery time.

Using this delivery management system, you can choose to limit your daily deliveries also. If you believe your drivers are overworked or you do not want them to be overworked you will have this option of limiting daily deliveries per driver per day. You also have the option to hold a delivery and release it back if something’s wrong with the transaction or if you believe a driver needs rest. Holding a driver and transferring to a new one is also possible.

Overall, this delivery management system uncomplicates everything. Aside from making it a breeze for the manager with the job dispatch system. It decreases the waiting time for the customers and converts it to an effective and efficient customer experience.

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