Job Dispatch System
Transforming Queues with Job Dispatch System

Delivery Management System is a tool that can help streamline your job dispatch & delivery routes easily. The system bridges the gap between customers, the job dispatch manager, and the driver to provide the best and highest quality of service and deliver an excellent customer experience. It uses real-time GPS trackers installed in the delivery vehicles and the managing side can manage and oversee the route, the status, and if the customer has received the item.

If you don’t have a delivery management system yet, here are a few key features you should look to have in the software or system you will be acquiring:

  • • Customer Notifications
  • • Real-Time Tracking
  • • Software Seamless Integration
  • • Reports and Analytics
  • • Job Dispatch Management & Scheduler

Job Notifications - Push notifications via mobile is an essential feature as it informs the driver of the next job dispatch assignment without having to contact the company or the dispatch manager for its status.

Real-time Tracking - This feature is made possible with a GPS car tracking device installed on fleet vehicles. This allows you to see the real-time vehicle location, which route it's taking, how long it has been since it left your office - knowing the status of the job assigned.

Software Seamless Integration - Another important feature to look into is if the software has seamless integration both for the job dispatch manager and the drivers. Will it be user-friendly and easy to install? Is it as simple as installing the apps and syncing them together?

Reports and Analytics – This is also an essential feature as this will be the gauge of the efficiency of the system. The job dispatcher will know where you need to improve, which driver needs to get better routes, which vehicle needs to get checked on.

Job Dispatch Management - Last and most important of them all is Job Dispatch Management. It is a very important tool for companies or organizations to be able to manage and control job orders & fleet drivers. The job dispatch software usually has a built-in scheduling feature along with it which helps in automating the whole scheduling processes, job dispatching to drivers, and route.

Along the way, there will be more and more job queues and more issues that would arise and might require you to adjust and solve especially if the time comes that drivers are not able to deliver or unwanted and unforeseen circumstances arise. Having job dispatch software could help you oversee your job queues, move around the priority sequence, schedule it the next day, or limit a certain amount of jobs/deliveries in a day. There might also be a job queue that doesn’t need to be executed right away - so really, it’s prioritizing and delivering as the customer pleases and considering if the queues can be delivered by your drivers on time.

If your software has an auto-scheduler, that would be cool and would save you time. You can probably tweak from there and re-prioritize depending on the day and circumstances you have.

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