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What is a Smart Fleet Management System?

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A Smart Fleet Management System is a cloud-based software that aids in managing your fleet and the automation of your other business processes in one. It is run by fleet management software and your vehicles are installed with a car tracking device.

Fleet management systems can be used for all industry types with delivery services. It is used to monitor all your moving assets in real-time using a GPS tracking system. It is also able to hold and manage a couple of vehicle types including these: lorry, truck, vans, company cars, etc. These vehicles and the system itself are normally run by a Fleet Manager.

A Fleet Manager plays a very essential role in a fleet management system. He or she oversees the vehicles and manages the transportation of products and goods to the customer. The fleet manager usually works with other departments and their managers in making sure the distribution of products and goods are made on time, drivers are safe, and the customers are happy. Aside from that he or she makes sure the vehicles are running on their most optimum performance with no maintenance issues or catching the issues as the delivery takes off.

A Smart Fleet Management System is using a Cloud-based technology, meaning the software is on a remote or virtual location (the cloud) and can be accessed and used by anyone with security access and of course the Internet. If you decide to get a system for your company you will just simply sign-up online, provide the necessary details and you should be good to go. This has been made easier by the developers that it can be accessed on multiple devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and iPads.

Assigning a task to a specific driver or fleet to deliver a service or product would be easy with Job Dispatch Feature as part of the fleet management system. Job assignments would be as easy as drag and drop, reassigning, rescheduling, transferring, and moving would just be a breeze.

Each vehicle is installed with a GPS tracking device that is synced to the cloud system providing accurate and real-time location of the vehicles. This encourages and enhances transparency and honestly and also being able to check the real-time fleet status and keep track of the fleet’s movement. This feature increases productivity because you can provide route optimization to prevent delays in real-time also.

Aside from the features stated above - the best feature there is Fleet Data Management - this feature is for managing operations which can help review the fleet's performance including Vehicle Maintenance reports (if any), Geo-fencing, Real-Time Monitoring, Route Planning, Trips Reports, Driver Behaviour Data through detailed reports which enables you to assess which areas need looking into and improving to be able to provide the best customer experience

By running everything in a cloud-based fleet management software, safety, productivity, and efficiency will increase which would mean more happy and satisfied clients.

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