Vehicle Route Planning
What is Vehicle Route Planning and How Efficient it is for Businesses?

With the rise of delivery systems, the competition now is with the efficiency of the service. The on-time success stories, the great service, and little to no bad reviews are the aim. There is no perfect system but these challenges have solutions, that’s for sure.

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A lot of companies with a delivery system in place don’t realize that optimizing their routes could drastically change the efficiency of their operation. This means planning out the most cost-efficient route to take each day. It is not just picking the shortest available route, it is thinking around how many drop-offs would there be along the way, thinking about the time around each drop-off, route stops, traffic rules, etc. This planning is the given solution for the vehicle route problems going around.

Vehicle Route Planning (VRP) is a system that helps manage your fleet & routes from the starting point or warehouse to drop-off areas, and back. It is carefully planning the most cost-effective route there is, keeping into mind the busyness of the roads in that given estimated time the driver gets there, calculating the delivery time to and from the next one, what vehicles are needed for that particular package is, and so much more. It is there to ensure that deliveries are smooth.

Planning the routes before vehicle management systems existed was done manually. Imagine planning them all in your mind without all the technology yet, just looking at a map and probably an old set of street rules.

Vehicle Route Planning has an easy-to-use backend system for FLEET MANAGERS or ADMIN where they can easily access all the delivery data & upload it to the system. The VRP system will then auto-compute all necessary input for delivery requirements. The delivery date is then ready and will auto-assign to available drivers.

Efficiency would be one of the benefits because changes can be made instantly, results and reports can be seen instantly also, which would then be easier to solve and revise.

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